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Restore multi-line names for saved routes

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Description:  The multi-line names for saved routes in the old interface were easier to read 

Use Case: I have many saved routes.  I customize the name to make it easier to pick them, and especially to highlight any waypoints I added in that route.  The multiline names in the old interface made it easier to see the variant of the routes.  The new interface doesn't allow multi-line names, and the route name doesn't look as good.

Pictures are the old interface and the new interface.

  Note there is a separate transition problem.  If I save a route with a newline in the old interface, like this:

X to Clarkson University
to Best Western Canton
to Home

It ends up looking like this in the new interface:

X to Clarkson University<div>to Best Western Canton<br><span style="font-size: 16pt;">to Home</span></div>

I edited them all to look like this:

X to Clarkson University / to Best Western Canton / to Home



I really liked being able to put the "to" at the beginning of the line, and "return home" at the end.




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