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Vancouver BC, El Paso TX return

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Just got back from driving from Vancouver BC to El Paso Tx and then back. Plan was to stay there for a few months and that was cut short. The driving itself was remarkably stress free thanks to this app. On the whole trip I was only held up once in Blythe CA when the one and only rapid charger wouldn't work and I needed to sit for a few hours at a level 2. (A new bank of chargers is being installed in a nearby town by Electrify America so this won't be a vulnerability in the future.) I was anxious as I started but the predictions on ABRP were very helpful and as I gained confidence in the accuracy, I just relaxed into the drive. Forced stops every two hours or so were actually pleasant breaks and I ended each day feeling okay without stiffness (60yo) and didn't hate the road. I did also use Google Maps and PlugShare when I was stuck in Blythe. Would love to do away with Google Maps and use ABRP alone butt this will require Android Auto integration. I know you're working on it and sooner would be better (though I understand if like many of us, your priorities have undergone a change at this time!). Love the app, loved the trip, sad to have come back early.

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Great trip!  Longer than our Northern California - Colorado round trip in a Bolt.  I agree that the necessary stops every two hours or so are actually a benefit for us elders (I'm 80).  We use the GPS on our cell phones to get to the next charger.   In remote areas this may not be reliable and this became our greatest concern.  The availability of chargers is another concern, but the charger call centers never failed to help and the service gets better all the time. 

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