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PID for ambient temperature of Ampera-e (Bolt)

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The Ampera-e (twin of the Chevrolet Bolt) has three air temperature sensors:
Air Temp 0, Air Temp 1 and Air Temp 2.

I have long noticed from my car that in some cases the value of the Air Temp 0 PID differs significantly from the other two Air Temp PIDs when the car is left in the sun for a long time and/or DC charging at high currents.

Air Temp 2 is the ambient temperature sensor that always corresponds to the outside temperature, regardless of whether warm ram air is forming under the hood or not.

Air Temp 0 also corresponds to the outside temperature in most cases, especially when driving. However, when the car is in the sun (and then also being charged), the Air Temp 0 PID rises significantly, in my case today from about 12°C to 21°C.

The weather forecast speaks of about 11°C today and my temperature feeling confirms this, it was by no means 21°C warm today. ?

It seems that Air Temp 0 (0146) and Air Temp 1 (22801E) are not measuring the real ambient temperature, only Air Temp 2 (22801F) does this.

@Jason (ABRP) Have you ever observed this? This should be exactly the same behavior with the Chevrolet Bolt. I think ABRP should not transmit the Air Temp 0 PID for the ambient temperature of the Bolt/Ampera-e, but the Air Temp 2 PID. What do you think about it?

ABRP (Air Temp 0) compared to actual ambient (Air Temp 2).jpg

Weather Forecast (11°C).jpg

Air Temp 0 (21°C).jpg

Air Temp 1 (22°C), Air Temp 2 (12°C).jpg

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I think you're right.  Recently I've been thinking we should move the OBD connection into the ABRP app where we can (where we have knowledge of the OBD PIDs), because it would make it a lot easier to handle this kind of change.

Then, we can open source the PIDs that everyone has (like our translations repo), and make this kind of update very easy for individual users to contribute suggestions like this one.  For now, I'm not sure what the best way forward is, since if I change the PID over on the Torque Handler, it breaks Temperature for most users.  I could add handling for multiple alternate PIDs, but that complicates the code, and I'm not sure it's worth the trouble yet.

Alternately, what would you think about a standalone dongle solution? Been thinking of opening an open-source project with the intent of using something like the Freematics One to create a standalone cell-connected dongle which would connect to the car, and report data either by Bluetooth or Cell, that way you get direct data from the car when connected, and data remotely while away and waiting to charge.  I did some work on the AutoPi, and got it working, but it's too expensive up front to make it a reasonable device for every user.

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Can you verify this issue on your own Bolt, charging it in the sun and observe the rising Air Temp 0 and Air Temp 1 temperature?

If you can confirm my observation, and you are also convinced that Air Temp 2 is the correct PID for ambient temperature, I think it would be usefull to make a quick simple fix to ABRP (change from Air Temp 0 to Air Temp 2) for Bolt/Ampera-e. You can publish a new version of ABRP and show a hint for all users which already use a Bolt-EV/Ampera-e setting, and ask them to correct the PID selection.

Your idea of transferring the PID selection from Webserver to the App: I think this is a good but bigger project, the Bolt/Ampera-e Air Temp PID change will surely be only a small change.

@Jason (ABRP), what do you think about it?

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So, for now I just added backwards compatibility for the old PID, and changed setup to point to the new PID, and made it so you can send either (or both) in and it'll use the better one.  Feel free to try it out and make sure it works @TomTomZoe

Also, I did thorough testing of this change, but if I inadvertently broke anything else in the process please let me know.

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Ah, ok, I wondered this morning and this afternoon on two rides why the adapter uploads data, but I get no live data anymore although I restarted Torque Pro, the Android tablet and ABRP on IPhone many times.

I just delete my car definition and created a new one. I will change the PID upload definition in Torque Pro tomorrow or this weekend according the new recommendation:


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@Jason (ABRP) Like written yesterday I deleted my personal car in ABRP and went to the process to create a new Ampera-e.

I changed the PIDs for uploading (from "*Air Temp 0" to "*Air Temp 2"):

(By the way: Is the required GPS Bearing PID a new requirement of ABRP, or did I kust overlooked this required PID in the last months?)


Web Upload Status from Torque Pro is without errors:


Torque Pro is showing actual data:


But I still get no live data. Instead when I tap on the little car symbol in the right upper corner the car setup screen shows again:


It seems that there's something crashed for Ampera-e. ?

Can you please doublecheck your change for Ampera-e?

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Unfortunatly it's still not working, @Jason (ABRP)

I created again a new car, a new password, I clicked on "add live data", but still only instructions how to setup Torque Pro.

The web upload url for Ampera-e says ....bolt60. ?

The former upload url for Ampera-e was ....ampera60. Maybe this is also a problem?


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Sorry about that, fixed the URL in the instructions (will be out in the next release), and there was an issue with tokens becoming unattached to vehicles in some cases depending on the order in which you created a new car and swapped the token in Torque (or other apps).  That should be fixed now (if a token is used for a deleted car, it'll now redirect to the first car in your list if you have more than one), and glad to hear it's working!

I'm working on another update so we can simplify the address even further, since the token is associated with a vehicle, we don't need a special address for each vehicle anymore, just figure it out from the token you've set.  But of course, I have to implement that, and it'll stay backwards compatible with the existing addresses.

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