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Why I don't use the new UI website

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I'd like to explain here why I don't use the new website, so hopefully you can do something about it:

- Reading the result is not as simple. A table format is a lot more readable and less space consuming to me than a thin column

- Calculation is slower: calculation time direct comparison with the "classic" version shows that the new version is slower

- When adding the options clicking the cog button, you never know what's been set already until you click

- It does not work as good on smaller screens, like the one installed in the car (model 3), at least for me

- I don't think you can do specific settings for you car per travel

I think you switched to the new version as default too soon.




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Posted (edited)

Gud'afternoon Alessandro,  Monday, March 30th, 2020 at 15:00 UTC-7

I have to agree with you Alesandro that there is a problem.

When I tried to log in, and I was copying my password very carefully from my little black book.

... ABRP kept coming back Wrong Password.

SO I did a Password Reset and it did that.  The Reset instructions then told to use the New Account to set up the new password, Promising none of my Setting or Saved Plans would be lost.

Well, my settings are missing, can not access my saved routes.

A major inconvenience.  Also I to am finding it slower then old ABRP and in my Model-X it is very very slow to respond.

I have sent an email to Jason, to ask him if he can fix the missing settings and missing Saved Plans.

I am totally baffled at the loss of my password and being forced to do everything.

Additional note:  Reading the other bug reports, I found how to get to the Classic Version.

The Classic version has my settings and saved plans.  The new version does not have my saved settings and saved plans.

Kindest regards, Hugh-SG

Edited by Hugh-SG
found how to get to Classic Page in another bug report

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How do you get back to the Classic version, if you please? I've looked all over and don't seem to be able to find it.

The current version I am sure cost the developers a lot of time, but I find it really unintuitive, confusing, and without SOME kind of function/command/help list, deem it pretty well unusable.

Thanks in advance,

-- Doc

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