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Changing charging place in a planned route

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I was wondering if there is a way to exclude a suggested charging place and include another in a planned route. Or do you just have to select the ones you want to use as waypoints before you create a plan? It would have been nice to exclude known problem chargers and have the route being refreshed with alternative charging place(s).

Example: Wanted route: https://abetterrouteplanner.com/?plan_uuid=77d16cc6-a781-4e65-9b9c-351129745b3b

Suggested route from ABRP: https://abetterrouteplanner.com/?plan_uuid=2e0713df-345e-4f32-9c74-f03ee58ecf3d

Any comments?


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When I select "Do not use this charger" and replan (assuming you're starting near Oslo):


It does avoid the chargers I told it not to use.  That being said, there are quite a lot of options for chargers.  We have a few "preference rules" in the planner that help pick good chargers:

  • Chargers are given a bonus score for each stall (more stalls typically means more reliable, less likely they're all broken)
  • Chargers are given a bonus score if you've selected that network as preferred (On the charger select "Prefer {network name} Chargers")
  • Chargers with "long break" selected are treated as "free-time" chargers

Otherwise it's by time spent entirely.  Hope that helps understand our picking process!

In the future we may introduce a ratings and comment system to help reduce instances of unreliable chargers included planning.

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I think sometimes a problem occurs when a charger is included in the map several times because of multiple sources knowing of the charger.

Example: https://abetterrouteplanner.com/?plan_uuid=e5e47c6a-6603-4847-bfd0-9693ed2f6f40

i have told the planner not to charge at "Angath" (goingelectric source). I might prefer to charge at "Trafostation Schnelllader". Still it chooses Angath, but the Uppladdning.nu source one. I might not realise there were two sources of which i only disallowed one ant think the planner is broken. Sometimes there are even three sources. Even for someone knowing this "problem" it then becomes combersome to actually exclude the charging spot from planning.

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Ah, that's a bug on our de-duplication, then.  We should only show one source for each charger, and we try our best to reduce / remove duplicates, but it's sometimes hard to do without accidentally removing chargers that do actually exist.

I've added this one as a bug to look at and resolve, that should help!

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Hi ABRP Team,

 I love ABRP - congratulations on creating such a useful and well thought out tool!

On the topic of excluding certain chargers - I was thinking it would be good to be able to exclude an entire network of chargers. I don't think this is possible currently?

For example, in the UK, Ecotricity chargers are notorious for being very unreliable (mostly when using the CCS connection). Many people with CCS cars have learnt through experience that it's best to just avoid them entirely (unless there really is no alternative).

Would you consider providing an option that allows users to say 'Do not use this charger or any other chargers operated by [Ecotricity]' ?



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