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Setting Preferences?

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Clearly, haven't taken any road trips for a while because I see the interface has changed completely. I can't find a way to set preferences anymore, e.g., with my older EV (2013 Tesla Model S P85), I don't want to go under 20% and I want to start my trip at 100%. Where did that functionality go? I've been checking all around forum and menus, but . . . no bueno. Help, please? TIA.

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You can access the old interface from https://abetterrouteplanner.com/classic/

But we find the new interface to be a bit nicer, and we're adding new features all the time!  You can access all of the settings on the lower right hand corner of the display:


And they're a bit more organized and helpfully labelled.  The settings you requested are under "Battery and Chargers":


We also have apps built for Android and iOS so you can use it more easily on your phone or tablet while on the go!


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