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green light

Please reduce number of clicks

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New layout, well, ok. But planning is now a click hell... payed per click?

In old version settings arrival SOC and departure SOC was done with 2 clicks: Open properties of charger, enter values, close window.

Now is it: open properties of charger, open arrival SOC sub window, enter value, click to close sub window, open props again, open departure SOC window, enter values, please close of sub window. 6 clicks.

Things get funny if you want to verify if any charger had a value set....

Beside that: if you click outside of the window, it is closed. Values not taken. Really bad on mobile device.

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This is good feedback, most of our development time has been focused on the native apps and working with the limited screen real estate.  We've spent a little time now working on the website version of the new interface, and it's still being improved.

As we work on improving the new site, you can always access the old layout:


Which will always be available (but won't get any new features).

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Loving the new "less click" charger properties window.

Just one guess: the "reset" button will reset all values, but eg. I set the departure time (by mistace) and later could not reset that single property. On the other hand, if I specified a departure time I have to specify a destination charge or charge time. It would make sense to use departure time as charge time?


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