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[Feature Request] Add remaining km's and weather details to API

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Description:  I have created a python script to read out the MijnKia app for the Kia E-Niro (https://github.com/TheBazeman/MijnKia)

I am pushing SoC, charging state and external temp to ABRP for live data without OBD2 interfaces. I can also update the remaining km's which the car reports and weather details like:

Wind: 11.3 m/s, Wind direction: 270 degrees (meteorological), Weather: Clouds (all values are from OpenWeatherMap API with geo coordinates from the car)


The weather type specification is here: https://openweathermap.org/weather-conditions look at column "Main" in the tables


Use Case: I think you have most info needed to plan -or- replan a route with the combination SoC and remaining range (km's). With those 2 values you can also calculate the Wh per km. With poviding live weather data it's also possible to get more accurate plans instead of entering it manually in the app



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