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Saved Trips Not Saved

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I've done several detailed routes for a cross country trip on a computer at my work and saved them. When I get home they are no longer in the saved trips. I'm logged in with the same ABRP account on both computers, but it doesn't transfer from one to the other.
I've checked on multiple occasions and it only appears the saved trips are only on the original computer I created them on. I use a PC at work and Mac at home, but I wouldn't think that would make a difference.
Is there a way to share the trips since it doesn't appear they are available to me at home?
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I can see my saved plans over multiple devices, so this is a special case.


Can you try logging out and logging in again? and then create a route and save it, to see if they now are visible?

And also try using the app on your smartphone?

If you have the issue again pls respond in this topic and specify which version of app/website you have used. This facilitates debugging.



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Logged in and out multiple times with the same result.

No saved trips visible when I use the app.

Using ABRP 3.9.4 on the web and 3.9.13 for the app.

Wondering if there is a firewall problem? My work can be pretty restrictive on what is allowed in and out. I haven't had any problems using the site, other than a hiccup in directions, but I'm going to try my route again and post that under a different topic if the problems happens again.

Here is one of the routes that I have saved:    https://abetterrouteplanner.com/?plan_uuid=112afeb4-a2dd-4ac4-8651-a6a255cb4247

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