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Highway one in CA was opened long ago -- let me bypass

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Two days ago we wanted to drive the Highway 1 "big sur" route which is very popular.  ABRP refused to route it.   When we got there, we found Tesla's internal router also would.  Both of them seem convinced that the section of highway wiped out in a landslide 2 years ago, and re-opened many months ago were still closed.
Obviously you should fix the closure, but since you can't always fix all closures, it would be nice if there were a way to show closures on the map, and let me click on one and mark it as a waypoint, effectively saying, "I want to route through this closure."
In addition, I have found that ABRP's predictions for energy use for the Model 3 mid range are way too optimistic.   Driving a route where ABRP predicted I would finish with 23% found me under 10% -- and that was with me increasing the wh/mile above your norm.

Another bug - I connected ABRP to my Tesla using credentials.   It started importing the current state of charge into the starting charge level, and then nothing I could do could let me put in another number.  Even when I typed in the charge I would have in the morning, and it displayed what I typed in, every time I said "plan route" it would insert the current SoC and do a completely different route to try to supercharge.    This is just a bug of course, but one feature idea would be to notice from your query of the car that it is charging, and presume the person does not want to use the current SoC in planning, but rather a future SoC from when the charging is done.
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