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Massimiliano Giustizieri

Kona 64kWh from southern Italy

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Where are you from?

Hello hello! I am new here and I am from Bari, southern Italy. You know Italy has the famous "boot" shape? Well' we're in the heel of the boot ?

What car do you drive?

I am driving a Kona EV, 64kWh battery pack, since August 2019.

What's the longest trip you've taken in your EV?

My longest trip so far has been Bari-Genova and back (2300 km in total) during a small 5 days holiday. The car was new, we wanted to try a road trip, so we went to visit Perugia, the "5 terre" (the "Five places", which are 5 adiacent very little cities on the coastal Liguria), and then Genova.

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