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Mark Verberkt

Link directly to Ionity charger in Ionity app possible?

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Description:  I would like to see the possibility to:

1. klick on a Ionity charger in the App/Webapp (ABRP) and then:

2. Open the Ionity app (iOS)

3. get directly to the specified Chargelocation (instead off get into the opening page of the Iionity app)

4. See directly if the Chargelocation has chargers in use or available.

Use Case: 

When I drive through Europe I use Ionity as preferred Chargers. This is because of the reliability that I find to be higher then other chargers. When approaching my next charge location (within 50 kilometers distance) I open the ionity app to see how many chargers are in use and how many are available. Therefor I have to find that specific chargelocation in the Ionity app. But that is a hassle. The map in Ionity app doesn't show highway numbers and you can't search locations bij name. It would be much faster if I could klick on the charger in ABRP and klick on a link to the chargelocation in Ionity App. By doing that you see directly if a location has a free charger and by leaving the page on your phone open you see if chargers get available or get occupied. 

It would be even better is ABRP could get the information about free or occupied chargers of your next destination via a API and dispay this information in the ABRP app. But I don't know if teh Ionity API has this possibility. 

This also counts for Fastned app. Although Fastned's app is easier to use for searching a specific chargelocation.  

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