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AU/NZ 3-phase sockets from OpenChargeMap

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Description:  Australian/New Zealand 3-phase sockets from OpenChargeMap don't appear to show as a charging option on ABRP.

Use Case: The Australian Electric Vehicle Association (AEVA) and the Tesla Owners Club of Australia (TOCA) have co-funded electric highways across remote parts of Australia - areas without the traffic or population to warrant DC fast chargers or even standard AC chargers.  It is known as the Round Australia Electric Highway.  They have used the AS/NZS 3123 standard socket, which is 3-phase, 32A, allowing AC charging at up to 22 kW, with an appropriate high grade EVSE.  Reasons for this choice are cost, reliability in outback conditions, power throughput, and in many cases sites already had such an outlet.  More info is on the official site: https://www.teslaowners.org.au/round-australia

This sockets are listed in OCM but do not appear in ABRP, presumably because only a specific subset of socket types are imported.  Note that all of these locations are listed on Plugshare, I'm happy to add them to OCM if this will result them being available in ABRP.  

I've added one location to OCM as a test: https://openchargemap.org/site/poi/details/149466

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@Katya-ABRP This is exactly the same issue that you and I have been conversing via email about.  I have added many "Three Phase 5-Pin (AS/NZ 3123)" entries to OCM, and these entries are visible.

I also note that ABRP imports data from OCM once every 24 hours.

Do you have a timeline for when the plug types will become available on:

1. The Android app,

2. The IOS app, and

3. The ABRP website?




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