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How does Live Data work?

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I have set up Live Data on my account, but I do not consistently see it. (I realize that it's not available on the app, just the web version.) I'm working on the setup again.

However, this brought up some questions about the "physiology" of this function:

Namely, does Live Data only work when you are following a planned trip, as opposed to just driving around?

Does it require an internet connection in real time? (I am using an old phone w/o SIM card. I can use the hot spot on my current phone for that, I guess.)



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Hi David,

Live data will work if you use a planned trip.

please share your car model as well as the setup you use to transmit the live data

I also use an separate smartphone (For data gathering as well as ABRP) which uses my regulars phone as a hotspot

If you do not have an active internet connection on the phone that reads out the OBD device then live data will not work


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Thanks. I am using exactly that setup now, and it's working. In fact, I have set up a macro in MacroDroid to turn on Hot Spot whenever I'm connected to the car BT.

I believe there was an error in my initial setup, possibly shown by a recent update in the app? Anyway, ABRP now "knows" my specific car (by name!), and it seems to be established in my ABRP profile.


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