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Charger added at openchargemap is not displaying in ABRP

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Hi @Nicktesla87,

We refresh chargers once every 24 hours, currently 5AM CEST to be specific. Hence the time it'll take for a charger to be added into ABRP ater having been added in OCM may be up to 24 hours depending on time of additon.

I think the charger you added is this one: https://abetterrouteplanner.com/?charger_id=11062034

Since it is a slower charger you'll need to let 'Type 2' be viewed in settings for 'Slow chargers'. We are going to add a region setting for slow chargers in Oceania but currently selecting 'Europe' will let you view 'Type 2'.


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Hi @Gleb,

I'm aware we resolved this on email but should anyone else be looking for the answer;

The reason is we only fetch information for the following countries; Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden. Uppladdning.nu focuses mainly on the nordic countries and those are the best covered and most frequently updated, hence this restriction. So a charger in for instance Ukraine added in uppladdning.nu will not be added in ABRP.

Instead, depending on what type of charger it is, these can be used:

- openchargemap.org
- goingelectric.de (only in German language)
- supercharge.info (only for Tesla superchargers)


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