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wrong chargepoint Germany

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1.) There are some charge points displayed, that are not accessible to public + have wrong description:
50.977288, 6.970548 (point from maps, Cologne Germany)
There might be chargers - but this is the depot of the local transport company. The chargers are on private ground only dedicated to electric busses from the company. 
Description: the chargers have a definitive wron description: The company is wrong: Written is a company that produces charging stations, but they do not depploy. The positions of the stations are described with 3 different street addresses - but the all stand in one line on the private ground. More: The private ground is ONLY accessible from "Friedrich Karl Straße" - but this is not mentioned at the stations.
2.) May I place the general question: where are the chargepoints come from - so I can help with corrections?
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