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Use trip planner to rank cars

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Description:  Plan a trip without choosing a car, and see a table ranking cars depending on how long (driving and charging) each would take. Bonus would be to have overall consumption consumption and price for charging.

Use Case: I'm thinking about buying an electric car and it's so difficult to imagine how it is in real life. Your planner is the best thing I've seen to imagine what it is in real life. I can simulate my regular trips and imagine if it's too much of a hassle or not. I've discovered it varies greatly from car to car, and it's such an important parameter for choice. Until now I was looking at range only, but it doesn't account for highway consumption, nor time to recharge batteries. I was horrified by the poor performance of some cars I was envisaging. The tool you have created is perfect for buying advice. Today I plan a route, pick a car, then pick another car then pick another car and it's very cumbersome. The only change I need is be able not to pick a car, or pick a subset of cars, and see how they rank for a trip that I choose.

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