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Very expensive charge stops.

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I was playing with some route planning, and I have noticed that in some cases it recommends that I stop at an EA charger to charge up to over 90%.   Charging at EA with a Kona is pretty expensive to begin with, but with tapering of the charge rate, it gets ridiculous since the charge rate is something like 20kW when you get to such a high SOC, and we are paying nearly 60 cents a minute for the privilege of using an EA charger.
I am enclosing a clip from one such route from Delaware to Minneapolis.  It has me charge from 10% to 92% in Bedford PA, which would take nearly an hour, and cost 39$ for just this one charge stop, and the whole trip is $180 (total charge time 4:48).  This is despite the fact that there are other chargers along the route that it could choose from - I can manually add other charging stops along the way, and that gets the total trip cost down to $155 (total charge time 4:47).
Anyways, it is unclear to me exactly what this thing is optimizing for here, but whatever it is, the results can be somewhat perverse.


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