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Very much so! Once you have your bluetooth dongle (I use an OBDLink LX) follow the instructions on the planner at "Show Settings > Show More Settings > Live Data > Setup"

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Does anyone know if this ODB adapter / dongle --> "OBDLink MX+ OBD2 Bluetooth" and it companion app for iOS "ODBLink" is compatible with ABRP (w/ Live Data)

OBD Link iOS applink -->


I am trying to understand what adapter and more importantly what iOS app would work with my 2019 Bolt (I know iOS choice are limited). I am very interested in using Live Data with my Bolt and I'm unclear to options that are iOS compatible. Your suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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Thank you for all your work on ABRP. It is a wonderful tool. I've used it for planing a trip from Davis CA to Austin TX and back for a trip to attend Fully Charged Live. I wanted to use ABRP Live so I bought the "vgate iCar Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE) OBD2." My wife and I have a 2017 Bolt EV Premier and tried using with it Torque Pro and ABRP. This OBD2 disable a couple of safety features on my Bolt, the Rear Cross Traffic Alert and the Lane Keep Assist. These safety features returned immediately after removing the OBD2. Needless to say I was not able to use ABRP Live for this trip.  My question is have you experienced any similar problems with the OBDLink LX that you used?

Thank you,


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