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Platform-specific tile layer options for desktop-mobile map consistency

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Description: Offer grid layers backed by MapKit for Apple devices and Google for Android devices, so the mobile app matches the web tool used for planning on a computer.

Use Case: When switching between the web version of ABRP and a mobile app, maps don't match up. This can cause problems trying to understand a route created on a computer and then moved over to the mobile device traveling.

In particular, basemap providers like GoogleMutant and MapkitMutant could offer ways to switch over to a provider that'll better suit travelers.

This could also be solved for Mac-iOS purposes, by making a Mac ABRP app that's scaled up from the iPad version.

(PS: I don't think a good solution is to use a single third-party map layer, since it won't compare once a route is sent to a native app.)

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