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To verify and improve our models we need your feedback.  There's many ways we could use help if you actually own one:

  • Drive a plan and compare it to the actual battery used.
  • Drive a plan with the browser active, and update your actual battery percentage in the browser.
  • Contribute data via Tesla API.

The best way to improve the data is to provide data directly from the car.  For Teslas, we can get data via Tesla's unofficial API.  To contribute your data, you can simply log in with your Tesla account on ABRP:

  1. Settings ▶ More Settings ▶ My Tesla Login
  2. Enter your credentials or Token (We do not store your login credentials on our servers, so you may have to refresh this login in your browser periodically).
  3. Select "Share data with ABRP" (This allows us to gather live telemetry while you're driving with the website active in the browser)
  4. Select "24h Background Sharing" (This allows us to poll in the background while you're driving, if you don't want to have the browser up in your car)

Thanks for providing feedback!

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Love the site! This gives a lot of good information. As a newbie, I thought of a couple of additional features.

I had planned a simple route: Eden Prairie, MN to Madrid, IA to Eden Prairie, MN. A couple of thoughts.

1) When I was planning my route, I noticed that one of my stops is at Dow, IA. I wondered, "How much charge do I need if all charging stations aren't working?" I'm pretty new at this but if all 8 charging stations were down then I would have to get to the nearest charging station. In this case it was about 52 miles away but nothing tells me that, I nice feature would be to say how far away is the nearest charging station (of any kind, or of same kind). Then, ABRP could have warned me that "Charge Min Arrival" of 10% was too low for this stop if I had to drive to another stop.

2) This is minor. I had to put in Eden Prairie again to simulate the round trip. I could have also set my "Charge Min Arrival" to a higher number, thought I didn't know what that would be when I stopped at Madrid. Maybe it would help to have a "and back again" or "round trip" to take me back the way I came.

Overall, I really like this site! I will definitely install this app when I get my Tesla. And in the meantime, I will strongly consider donating something to your effort.

Well done!


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Couple of suggestions:
Planning a trip from Nashua, NH to Kalamazoo, MI, shows the fastest route is via Canada.  However, the trip time doesn't count the border crossings.  These usually take 15-30 minutes (min) each crossing.
Also, due to this awesome site, I discovered that the charging costs in New York are about 2x higher than other states.  So if I skip the border and go south along Lake Erie, It shows the cost as a bit higher than if I force it to go through Pennsylvania.  However the actual cost is MUCH higher.  The charging is $53 .vs. $42 but the New York route is mainly on the NY Thurway which is another $15+.  So the cost should say $68 .vs. $42.  Maybe add a cheaper charging option?  Also add tolls costs to total option?
I am also impressed that the route planner could handle the Nashua to Mt. Washington (including going up the autoroad) trip.  Very, very nice.
Thank you for everything.

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