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Martin TT

Route charging stops via restaurants with good ratings

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Description:  Route charging stops via restaurants with good ratings

Use Case: In my experience I do not enjoy eating at a restaurant which as less than a 4.3 star overall rating on tripadvisor. I would like abetterrouteplanner to route charging stops in such a way that each charging station stop is max walking distance 500m from a 4.3 star rated restaurant on tripadvisor. Each time I plan a route, I could adjust the star rating level and walking distance. Furthermore, I could set a requirement that restaurant stops must occur, for example, every 2-3 hours. This way the route planner is free to plan regularly outside meal times. I could also give an estmate of how long I plan to stay at the restaurant, which would allow planning for possible charing time. For example I could say I plan to eat 30 minutes (the route planner would add to this the time needed to walk the distance and back from the restaurant).

Future ideas could include also selecting cuisines or similar criteria available on Tripadvisor to get to stop at a fish resturant, pizzeria, etc. I belive this would truly make travelling enjoying.


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