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New Version Feedback 3.9.5

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Hi guys. Just thought I’d drop some early feedback on 3.9.5. I just did a long drive and the way there was done on 3.9.4. Then I got the 3.9.5 update and did the drive home. 

First of all, thanks for fixing the 90% bug. I suffered with that all the way there and didn’t have it at all on the way back. 

I also love that you have added a method of adjusting my actual SOC now. Ultimately it would be nice if you could get it from the iPace api but this is hugely helpful. 

One thing I noticed which I preferred in 3.9.4 though. In that version I could adjust the size of the information panel. Once I had set it (my preference was to show just the next turn and my SOC as that would keep it below the arrow showing my current position), it would stay the size I set it (just growing slightly to accommodate a turn instruction). The new version seems to constantly readjust that panel so it is the maximum possible size with all information. This means that it covers my current location with the panel. I like the transparency but it still obscures my position which also means I can’t check the turn direction. It’s a small thing, but I did like it the way it was before. 

There were a few bugs I experienced on the way there but I won’t bother as they may be fixed in 3.9.5. Certainly didn’t experience them on the way home so all in all I’d have to say “good job”!

Still no turn by turn instructions, but as it now seems to recalculate properly that seems less important as I can use my satnav or Apple maps and ABRP will adjust to the new route. 

Finally, I like the way it shares the next waypoint to Apple Maps as it allows me to navigate easily using CarPlay for now until you can do full CarPlay integration. I know that was also in 3.9.4 but just wanted to comment on how well you have integrated that feature. 

A CarPlay app would be great as I could have that running on my infotainment screen and my car satnav running on the dashboard. That would let me easily monitor ABRP (phone is a little awkward in the car) and still have my satnav give me directions. Sorry, I know you’re working on that but just wanted to give you feedback of why I feel it would be a great addition. (Same sentiment for Android Auto I’m sure). 

Once again, thanks for all your hard work. The iPace model seems to be incredibly accurate now for me. 

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Constant improvement so great job, here's a few observations I have -

I run it on an Apple iphone 8 and carplay would be an obvious benefit.

When I turn screen to lansdscape the information panel is too intrusive and takes up too much screen real estate, option to turn off information panel would be appreciated.

The early web based interface had a very useful consumption graph showing predicted and actual SOC at waypoints and destinations, any way this can be implemented on a full screen basis as I can run maps in parallell on car info screen?

Live charger status on the chosen route via some form of color coding would be a huge add -Wattsupp have a very simple status logic.

I still do not seem to be getting live SOC via Leafspy pro, can you confirm the required leafspy settings.

Every iteration is a step forward, and if some form of fundraising is required a kickstarter campaign might be useful to guage the appetite for a paid app in the future.


Thanks for all the hard work.

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