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Bug: Crash when tapping on alternative routes

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I'm running v3.9.4 on Android 10 on a Pixel 2 XL.

When I plan a route and ABRP gives me multiple alternative options, if I try to tap on one of those options on the map to select it, ABRP crashes.  I can use the left/right arrows on the white card at the bottom to change alternatives, it seems its only if I tap on it on the map that ABRP crashes.  This also happens when I enter navigation mode.  In this situation, the arrows on the card go away and its replaced with the navigation info, so the only way to change routes is by tapping on the map, which crashes the app.  Using the arrows to select an alternative prior to entering navigation mode won't work, either, as entering navigation mode seems to force it to replan, which causes it to go back to the default route rather than the chosen alternative.

I'm happy to provide logs if you can point me to where ABRP might save them (or if you need logcat data, I can pull that, too).


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