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[Feature Request] Prefer site that have more than one connector

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Description:  In the same way that we currently have preferences about which networks to use, I would like to see a preference to use sites that have more than one appropriate (CCS, Chademo, Tesla) charger.

Use Case: In the process of planning a cross-Europe trip in a CCS car, I found that a lot of the stop were at sites with only one CCS connector. As it's an area I'm not familiar with I'd feel a lot more comfortable if it was preferring larger sites so that a failure is less likely to be catastrophic.

Maybe this is something you can switch on in the settings, or maybe just have a static weighting based on the number of chargers at a site.


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Yes, I would like to have that also!

Just returned from a round trip from the Netherlands to Lienz in Austria and I found the ABRP the best app for searching for chargers. I have a Kia E-Niro with 64 kWh battery which did the job perfectly. It can charge with 78kWh till about 55%, after that with 57kWh till 72-75% then it drops to 36kWh and I stop charging. I have a couple of feature request that would help. At the moment I find it is still to difficult to let my wife make a trip like that with an electric car.

Thanks a lot,


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same here. On long trips I only stop at chargers that have redundancy. In case there is only one charge point I ignore the stop and search alternatives. I don't want to arrive and the point is blocked. 

I know in Premium you have the "live" charge points but it would already help to calculate a route based on "chose only charging stops with multiple points available" in standard. 

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