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Reorganize the Settings

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The settings on the site could be better arranged.  Right now, it's fairly disorganized.  Suggest the following:

Settings Categories

Right now, almost all settings are lumped together under the plan window.  Recommend splitting the settings up:

Plan Settings

This category would show only settings that affect the plan, and have several subcategories:

  • Car Settings - Only setting shown by default is the car model.  Next to that would be a gear/settings button that expands the plan settings.  Within this category would be items like battery degradation, additional weight, etc.
  • Charging Settings - Plug selection, charger overhead time, goal charge, etc.
  • Drive Settings - Speed, conditions (wind, rain, etc), things to avoid.


Manage the various logins we support.  Should not be buried under the plan settings.  This should also be split between ABRP login and car manufacturer logins (assuming we ever support more than just Tesla).

Map Settings

Available on the expandable sidebar, are currently pretty good.

Settings Management

Should offer "Save Settings" and "Reset Settings" buttons.  Reset would set the settings back to defaults per your selected car, and Save would store your current settings to the server, like when you execute a plan.  Could also offer "Reset to Saved" and "Reset to Default"

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Maybe even add climate settings grouping next to route.

Will seat warmers be use? All? The volt automatically turns on seat warmers below a certain temperature but only occupied seats. Will others do the same?

will forced air heat be used?

will air conditioning be used?

Maybe later split extra weight to

how many occupants? 

Luggage weight?

when estimating occupant weight use the heavier average North America. 

Allow custom profiles. For example daily, Toronto work, Florida vacation, summer, spring fall, winter. Temperature could be a 20% range difference. 

Lots to do. Maybe see is a go fund me would be successful? 

Awesome work. I contributed $

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