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Android App: Share to Google Maps not working (3.9.3)

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When I use "Share to external app" the system offers me apps which deal with text. I shared with my mail app and got the string

["geo:52.896173,8.413258?q=52.896173,8.413258(McDonald's [EWE / SWB])"]

Passing an array where a string is needed?

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Also the current implementation of "Share to map" in 3.9.8 doesn't quite work for me. It seems to give the address (street name, city etc) of the next step to Google Maps. That does not work reliably, especially with charge points. Please consider using the GPS coordinates for sharing the next point.

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On 2/25/2020 at 9:20 PM, davidtm said:

I have a similar observation. When I tried to share a trip to Google Maps, it showed only the first (charging) stop, but not the entire trip. I'm not positive, but I believe that is different than a recent attempt to share with more success.

I also have exactly same problem, only to the first stop! It would be nice if the multistop share becomes available again.

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