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Best second-hand EV?

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I recently moved to the States, and I’ve been wondering which second-hand EV I should buy as my first electric car, primarily in the US. After browsing some forums I figured there are lots of factors that need to be taken into consideration, so I collected a couple of questions to any of you who is more experienced than me in the topic. I would be grateful for any kind of assistance about what I need to pay attention to first, and maybe some more specific info regarding:

• Power consumption
• Recharge times
• The quality and reliability of the built-in navigational system
• How precisely can the system anticipate the range I can cover with the actual battery state?
• In general, how long is the battery’s lifespan? Does it degrade fast over time? I’m wondering how much I can trust a few years old model compared to a brand new one.
• What are the options to repair these? Which manufacturers have the best options in this concern?

Thanks in advance!

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