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Minimizing number of stops

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ABRP seems to optimize for fastest travel time, no matter that it might add charging stops down to 8 minutes.

Is there a way to get ABRP to plan a route while MINIMIZING the number of charging stops, e.g. via longer charging stops?

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Hi Axeman,

did you test using the  "Time to Open Charge Port" setting?

e.g. set it to 30 minutes and see what the planner does.

I just tested it for my car (Hyundai Ioniq 28kW) and changing the setting from 5 minutes to 40 minutes reduced the number of fastcharging stops from 5 to 3

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Thanks for your suggestion :-)I

Yes - you can do lots of 'hacks' like that, but they often come as you start "massaging" the route plan to get the kind of travel plan you want.

 I was more thinking of whether it was somewhere possible (in an obscure subsetting) to set that you want to optimize for the fewest number of stops.

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