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Provide Input For Each Leg and Waypoint

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Description:  Change the input system to allow each leg to have separate Wind, Temp., Speed, Road Conditions, and perhaps other parameters. 

Use Case: The value of this tool is for longer trips, which will include different weather conditions (just as the elevation changes) along the route.  These listed parameters should be approximated for each leg between waypoints. IDEALLY, you can use a site like Windy.com to have the program get the this information from there with simply setting a start date (within a couple of days, that is available in their forecasts).  Windy.com is a great site! An example input model is shown below; note the waypoints have different types of parameters than the transit part (just like in the output summary). This combines the separate  edit boxes currently available for each added waypoint with the advantage of showing that information in one screen.  Another person asked for a similar subset of this, but this solution would satisfy that request and be capable to handle other needs. The defaults can be auto-populated as is done now. Or as each waypoint is added, the prior settings would be duplicated.  In the example below, negative Wind speed is a tail wind, and when you expect tail wind, you may go a little faster. On the other hand, when you expect wet roads, you probably will drive slower. 


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Another option for the input screen, which may be more compact is shown below. There may be other parameters, but this is the basic. Each line provides parameters for a waypoint or driving leg. Fields that cannot have meaningful input can show a [] or something. Where field is controlled by Planner, indicate with x, and overwritten by user to control that parameter.  Wind maybe should be negative if headwind and positive if tailwind. 

Thanks for considering this more flexible input. 


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