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Unneeded Charge Stop

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Description: The Plan includes an unneeded (nor wanted) charge stop...charging for 0 minutes.
Link to Plan: Don't want to share my addresses, but here is the same plan with nearby start/end locations: https://abetterrouteplanner.com/beta/?plan_uuid=002c6d81-0c8c-4cfa-9347-2e687911b278
Replication Steps:
  1. Use the Plan link above and you get a good route without the extra charge stop (2nd image below). Add my real start/end addresses, which are only a couple of miles away from the linked plan, and you get the extra unneeded stop; screen shot provided. The extra charge stop is only 4 miles away from the LV Linq stop which is a Ver 3 Tesla Supercharger and it provided plenty of charge. The extra charge stop indicates 0 minutes to charge and there is plenty of SoC to provide the goal of 45% at the end without that stop.



 Link above should produce this...


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