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Support for Apple Carplay

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Description: Support for Apple CarPlay Use Case: Would be nice to see the application to appear on Apple CarPlay. Waze and other Navigation software till now doesn't support Electric cars and we

After CarPlay, I think our next priority will be Android Auto since the build tools are finally available. Also, I can't take any credit, it's been mainly the tireless efforts of @Marc Pujol (ABRP) wo

We don't want to promise anything soon.  Just know we're working on it (and actually making progress!) but we're not sure what additional hurdles we'll have to jump through before we have something Ap

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On my ID.3 there is two screens, one above the steering wheel and one main in the center. And with CarPlay its possible to utilize booth screens, for example can apple maps show directions one the small screen while you navigate with it.

And when you look at the CarPlay API, it is supported to address both screens.

So my wish is that ABRP also make use of the small second screen when in CarPlay mode.


Thanks in advance. 🙂 

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On 1/23/2021 at 9:51 AM, Marc O. said:


  • When not navigating, have a button to select between North up or Heading up. Right now it's just North up,

This please, heading orientated eventually in 3Dish with autozoom… Might be just me but I’ve always had trouble with north up maps 🙂 

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Right now it seems like the „CarPlay“ display is considered more of a second screen.

I would love to have it as main screen so I can store my cell phone out of sight and still plan a route, adjust the current soc (in case no life data is available) etc.


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