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Use case: Show correct charging costs for the charging stops from abrp planning algorithm. 

On my latest 1200km trip from Amsterdam to Madonna di Campiglio in Italy abrp both was very helpfull and also needed much more attention compared to the Tesla Supercharger planner in my Tesla Model 3.

Starting to plan this route I noticed abrp algo shows charging points with no cost for the calculated charging stops (in Germany at EnBW and Innogy for example).

I solved this by setting prefer&avoid settings per network on the map. Currently this very much improves planning to competitive abrp plans vs Tesla Supercharger planner.

Nb further improvement would be to also manage prefer&avoid setting in my abrp profile but keep the option to set prefer&avoid from the planning map.

Does abrp algo have the data to calculate specific charging costs based on user specific availability of charging provider/network/platform passes and/or provider/network/platform apps?

For example the Ionity €8 flat fee made planning over Ionity significantly cheaper than EnBW/Innogy that abrp algo also suggested without Ionity preference.

This summer I will travel to France and I understand that using the french Freemiles charging pass will provide charging at a €4 per hour flat fee.




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