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Call for Moderators / Community Reps

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@Bo (ABRP) and I are looking for some volunteer help keeping up with the forums.  We love the enthusiasm and support you've all shown here, the bug reports are excellent so keep them coming!  It's been hard to find a good balance between working on new features / fixing bugs and answering questions here on the Forums.  We definitely want to stay fully engaged on the forums, but think it'd be more valuable to keep that engagement focused on the topics we can provide the best insight as the developers.

If you're interested in volunteering here's what we'll give you:

  • Title signifying you as an official forum rep for ABRP
  • Trial access to new builds of the app and new features

What we'd like you to do:

  • Help answer questions as you're able
  • Send us questions you don't know how to answer.
  • Moderate discussions

If this interests you send me a Message with your application which includes your experience with EVs / ABRP, and your reasons for applying and we'll get you started!  Thanks again for all you do to help make ABRP an even better tool for EV drivers!


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