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Major Bug: I-70, Missouri to Colorado, Incorrect Route Given By App

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When planning a route along Interstate 70 between Kansas City to Denver, for any long range non-Tesla vehicle, the app skips the Hays, Kansas, Electrify America, EA, charging station. Any attempts to manually add this station as a waypoint, or any of the other charging stations from east to west along this route, causes further errors to where the app routes backwards to the east, between Hays and Salina, Kansas, before proceeding west again.

Direct route, Kansas City to Denver:

All relevent EA charging stations added as Way Points, Kansas City to Denver:

Replication Steps:

1. Pick any starting point in the surrounding Kansas City, Missouri, area.

2. Choose any endpoint within the surrounding the Denver, Colorado, area.

3. Add as many additional Way Points east to west to try to make the route go directly between these two points only along i-70 without it either skipping the Hays, Kansas, EA charging station, routing backwards towards the east, or diverting off i-70 to some remote charger north of the interstate.

4. Rip hair out while screaming and cursing from frustration due to app's inability to correctly complete this very simple task as it maniacally laughs at you.

5. Repeat steps 1 to 4 until bald and voice is lost or until you begin to question your sanity.

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Sorry about that! It works for me right now - it seems to have been a temporary error. We had some planning server issues Friday night and this may have caused errors later in the day too - let us know if it happens again.

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