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Description:  Add a max limit for the amount of time spent at a fast charger.

Use Case: 

Our electric utility (BC Hydro) suggests that EV users limit their time at fast chargers to 30-40 minutes, so other users don't face excessive wait times.  It would be helpful to add a constraint to the planner to respect the etiquette limit, e.g. set a max charge time of 35 minutes at an individual charging station.

Right now, if I use ABRP to plan a round trip route from e.g. Vancouver, British Columbia to the Big White Ski Resort, most charging stops ABRP suggests for my 64kWh Kia Soul EV are one hour or longer.  

Here's a link to the utility's etiquette page:  https://www.bchydro.com/news/conservation/2019/ev-charging-etiquette.html

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