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Wrong charging duration in ABRP

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Hey there,

I have noticed that the charging duration can't be correct as it was just shown me by ABRP.


As it can be seen in all charging curves IONIQ drops charging speed at 83% to 24kW and goes down to around 22kW until 91% which takes ~7 minutes. Charging further will slow down to around 11kW until 94% and then the CCS chargings stops. This takes another 3 and a half minutes.

The second charging stop should take something around 26 minutes, not 16. Could you please check this in the database?

The plan uuid is f36b2863-16be-4ca7-b771-2790802c7592.

Best regards

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Okay, so That means that there has to be a bug somewhere or did I configure anything wrong?

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I doubt it's a configuration issue, it's probably a consequence of how we're currently calculating charge curves.  We'll take a look and see if we can find a way to increase the resolution on the charge curve without costing any additional planning time.

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