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Get Your own charge curve

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Due to “chargegate” it has been a lot of discussions about the charge curve on specific cars. I would like for ABRP to save all my charges to my account so I can take a look at historic SuC sessions.

Use Case: When supercharging I would like to see a [‘charge’][‘power’] vs [‘charge’][‘soc’]. I would also like to be able to look at my historic sessions.

I made my own implementation on a rpi with this result.file.php?id=20038

file.php?id=20024p100D model X from April 2018. About 1500kWh charged at SuC.

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Hi @Cheese Guy,

I can see that @Remuz started this threat quite some time ago. Logged drives and charging sessions are now available to premium subscribers who have linked their car to ABRP (some linking types / cars may have limitations, but Tesla is not one of them). You can read more about the premium subscriptions and the features here: https://abetterrouteplanner.com/premium/

Each individual logged charging session may of course look very different due to temperature, the charger itself etc. but we are actually working on creating a display for the cars "personal" charging curve, just based on the previous charges.

If you have any specific requests for what you want to see, or how you'd like this displayed please do tell us 🙂


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