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Route Planner not draining battery optimally

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When planning a trip for my BMW i3 i notice that the Route Planner has me arrive at each station with too much power in the battery.  Shouldn't it have only charged enough at the previous station to get me to the next station at my minimum requested charge?  This is important because the battery will charge faster if it is more fully depleted.  Instead the route planner has me taking the battery to nearly 100% and then has me entering the next station with 25% charge for example.  I tried the same route but this time using a Tesla and I noticed that the software correctly charges and discharges the battery to minimize charging time.  Thanks!
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I agree. I wish I could limit the charging in a setting. It often suggest that i charge to 100%. Or at least above 95%. I usually dont want that. It is not price and time optimal. I wold like to limit fast charging to 85%. 

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