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ABRP Android app on Chromebook

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Where are you from? Fishers, Indiana, USA

What car do you drive? 2017 Bolt Premium and a 2019 Tesla Model 3

What's the longest trip you've taken in your EV? 650 miles from Indiana to Eden Prairie, MN in the Tesla Model 3

I have loaded the BRPB Android app onto my Chromebook.  It seems to have loaded fine but it seems very limited in features:

    1. Can't change metric to imperial; 2. Can't switch from satellite view to plain map; 3. Can't enter waypoints.  

Is this the limitation of the Chromebook or of the app itself?

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I am also having this issue.  I run a Chromebook as a laptop.  I run the web app from Chrome in my Chromebook and I am not able to do the same as described above  such as changing from metric to English (USA) and not able to create way points.  Because I am new to the app I thought I did not understood the app, however when I ran it from Win 10 PC, ABRP runs great and able to create and sync multiple way points.  Is this a limitation of software?  Keep in mind Chromebooks have become very popular because of their low cost.

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