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Kurt Gel

Tesla Chargers Not Public!

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Description: Tesla Chargers Calais and Dover not available to public.
Link to Plan: If the bug is in finding a route, please copy the plan link here (found under "Share").  
Replication Steps:
  1. Any route from continent to UK 
  2. Steps
  3. If applicable
Remember, the more detail you can provide in your bug report, the faster we can fix it!
The Tesla Chargers in Dover and CAlais are only available ticket holders wanting to use the Channel Tunnel. So whoever uses the Ferry gets a hard time using this planner as it will come up with Calais and/or Dover as a chargepoint. After some fiddling I found out I can block these chargers, but once you save the plan and open it at a later time, the Dover and Calais chargers have replaced the original saved plan which was avoiding them...
Quite annoying.
Greets, Kurt
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Thanks for the report anyway, probably the best way to fix this permanently is to look at the Open Street Map (which we use for routing) and make edits to the streets to make them appropriately one-way, or whatever other edits need to happen so you can't easily get in and back out.  You can open it easily in the area by making a route and then clicking on the route in the area you want to edit.  Then you can click the "Edit in Open Street Map" link and it'll take you straight there.

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