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Trip time points w/arrival and departure times and overrides

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Description:  Add support for "time of day" when route planning

Use Case:  Various waypoints may have arrival time or departure time requirements, or time block requirements that are not met by the current waypoint capabilities. Some examples

  1. Car ferry has a "must arrive by" requirement so sailing isn't missed (i.e. booked on the 4PM ferry sailing, need to arrive at way point by 3PM).
  2. Charger is behind protected gate (i.e. at dealership) and is only available during business hours ("don't arrive before" and "must arrive by")
  3. Hotel has a "don't arrive before" requirement so you don't arrive at the waypoint before the 3PM check-in time. 
  4. Hotel has a "depart at" requirement so you have to leave the waypoint by the 11AM checkout time. 
  5. You want to allow a block of 3 hours for a meal/sightseeing/shopping at a changing waypoint
    1. This is a bit of an edge case as under the waypoint "Charging Options", "Time" can be used for this use case for non-charging waypoints. For a charging waypoints it doesn't meet the use case as any time values > the time required to get to 100% charge are ignored. For charging waypoints perhaps update to use the entered time but show notation that "car must be moved in xxx minutes" (whatever the time to 100% (or some other charge target) is), or create separate "charging" and "non-charging" waypoints, and a shortcut quickly add a "non-charging" waypoint for a charger

Since these are "time of day" times timezone support would also be required.

Support for days would also be required (i.e. arrival and departure times in route page would need to show "+1 day", etc. when clock wrapped around to the next day for longer trips). Currently the "depart time" for waypoints does not indicate "days" so in the route report it can appear that you depart a waypoint before you arrive when "depart at" is set manually, or "time" is set to a large value.



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