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Charge curve modification




  I'm wondering if there is a way to add an 'deviation' from charge curve?

  If there would be an way to set 'my car' to X% related to ABR curve.



  My S70 D is 'way off' ABR curve, which leads to incorrect long trips plans.

  I have tried to use 'time to open charge port', but that one is an constant, and it also messes with the trip algorithm.




  Charge speed ,(percentage).  Same as existing battery degradation in settings.

  Then I will hopefully get appropriate trip plans, according to may car ability to change. 



NOTE: my CAR is EXTREEEEMLY below... sometimes it takes the double amount of time...

(I might have one of the 'bad blue' dots in your graphics....)




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Like to second this request. I am able to modify the consumption on different levels so it allows me to play with different max speeds and max soc to optimize long distance travel, I see that the latest f/w updates from Tesla modified the charging behavior of my 2015 S85 in a way that resulted charging speeds even below what your summer update for these batteries showed. Also, while looking into the related threads in forums like tmc or tff there are a significant number of people suffering individual slower charging speeds. Last week I drove #900km through Germany and I planned with ABRP to have 5 charging stops. The arrival charge was as planned yet the charging time took 30-50% longer, 

BR Oaito

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