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Trying to plan North Coast 500


I was trying to get ABRP to plan a trip around Scotland following the route of the North Coast 500. Now obviously it's a scenic route, so it's needed quite a few waypoints to get it to follow it, but it's doing some very strange things.



  • On the section between Durness and Drumbeg, it drives past the turning for Drumbeg (at about 80% SoC, as it just charged), on to Ullapool and charges at Latheron Lane, then doubles back on itself to go to Drumbeg reaching the turning at around 60% SoC. It's done an extra 60 miles to lose 20%.
  • It does something similar between Applecross (Where I've manually charged at a campsite) and Loch Dughaill, making a diversion to a charger only to get back to where it was 10% lower.

It seems to be something to do with it not thinking it'll be able to make the next charger, as planning the section by itself will give the route I'm after, but take it back to the last charger and the weirdness appears.

What's going on?

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