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No Saved Plans or User Data

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Description: When I log in via my desk top, Win 7 with lastest Firefox I find
1. IF I click on Saved Plans, all my Saved Plans are missing.
2. My car type data is missing, have to manually reenter All my Car Data
3. All my Saved Travel Conditions Data is gone and I have to manually reenter Temperature, Wind, Road, Departure and Arrival Charger SOC States
Keep up the good work, ABRP is still better then the Tesla Route planner accurate forecasting of Charge Needed and Estimate Travel Times.


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Jan 8th, 2020 at 18:53 UTC

A belated Happy New Year !

Logged in today from my laptop to modify a Saved Plan of a road trip over the mountains that is coming up soon and all of my Saved Plans were still Missing.


So I close the window, reopened it and did a 2nd log in.  Now it has my saved plans, on 2nd attempt.

Hope you can get this bug fixed soon and we get to enjoy more consistent Saved Data loading.


Kindest regards,


on the "wet" coast of Canada

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On 1/10/2020 at 5:20 PM, Jason-ABRP said:

Thanks for the report, which site was this on? https://abetterrouteplanner.com or https://new.abetterrouteplanner.com ? 

I only use abetterrouteplanner dot com/Classic/.

Sorry for the long delay in responding, we have been busy for past 9 months in moving our RL house in preparation for retirement.

My reason for coming back it to do another bug report with screen caps to show the problem.  Trying now to figure out the new Bug report system.

...and having a running fight with the Log In part which did not recognize my password (I got it right because i use a Black Book) and forced a PW reset on me.

Cheers! Hugh

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Gud'morning Samuel,

Tuesday, Feb 22nd, 2022 at 06:33 (UTC-8) or 15:33 Sweden Time

I logged in to ABRP Forums and then clicked on the Report A Bug as you instructed me above and it asked me to log in again.

So I will added Three reports here of Failures discovered in past Month to ABRP Classic.

I use ABRP Classic for 3 years, which is still the best and easiest to use.

FIrst Report - For past few days Classic has stopped working on both my computer and my Samsung A8 mobile telephone.

It tells me "Planner Error" when I click Plan Route button.  See picture below.

Second Report - Also for past month plus I have been battling a 2nd bug I called  "detached" route.

First I input a route for it to calculate.

After it does the route planning, when I magnify (zoom in) to make a close up view the route is not attached to the map.

The "work around" solution I have been using is to Turn Off map and then Turn On map.

Then the route stays attached to the map when I magnify to "zoom in" and look at route at a higher magnification.

Third Report - The Saved Route is malfunctioning, I have a lot of Saved Routes but....

..... When I open Saved Routes and click on the one I wish to use, it loads the very last route I that I made calculations for, not the route that I had saved a long time ago and was trying to import.

Hope these can be resolved,  ABRP Classic is still the best route planner out there for an EV.

Kindest regards,



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