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Planner server error

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Could you provide some more details? Which app version are you using? (About ABRP > ABRP Version) Which system are you on? (iOS, Android, Web)

Perhaps there is an error stored in your account's default planning settings somewhere, try re-selecting your car and looking through these and setting them to reasonable values?

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I'm getting the same error. Pixel 3 xl, android 10, latest app version 3.9.1. Freshly installed - all works fine. After logging in, I get server error. After Logging out -  same server error. Clearing app data solves the problem until I log in again. Also on the web version my login wouldn't stick, it wouldn't show my saved routes and after page refresh it shows I'm not logged in. But all works fine on beta.abetterroadplanner.com.

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