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E-tron road trip from Netherlands to south of Spain

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Hi guys, love the work done on ABRP so far!

Over here in the Netherlands charging an EV is quite common. I personally have driven a hybrid BMW for two years and now made the big leap to go full electric. I will receive my e-tron soon and will go on a road-trip from the Netherlands to the south of Spain.

So far I have obtained about 4 chargecards and 5 different apps on my phone. The price difference and subsequent advantage one can achieve by making the right choice in chargecards is enormous!

Actually it is outright scnadalous! The most expensive charging station here will be at EURO 0,70 per Kwh whilst the cheapest is at about EURO 0,04 per Kwh. How about that huh...?

When planning this 2.500 km trip and trying to look for the real fast-cargers (175 KWh) outside the Netherlands it is allmost impossible. Once you go into Belgium speeds are reduced up to maximum 50 KWh all the way to the south of France. Once we cross the Spanish border it is even more tricky since charging stations are scarsely spread and maximum speeds does not exceed 22 KWh.

I will try to upload some pictures an tips once we are on the road. Would appreciate tips from you guys!!


Also I am interested in coupliing OBD and testing whether this might get better results in planning the distances.


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Sounds like an exciting trip! One thing you can do to improve is if you find a network that has consistently good prices, you can select them as a preferred network (Find one of their chargers, click "Prefer {network name} Chargers") and we'll give a bonus to it when planning your trip.

For the OBD, we'd love to support the E-Tron! If you're a savvy, willing to tinker, and very persistent I'd be happy to help try to figure out how to connect the E-Tron.  It will probably involve reverse-engineering the OBD / CAN signals, which may be difficult.  There's quite a few people who have figured it out for other cars, just needs some work!

Looking forward to pictures.

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2 hours ago, TiToyz said:


I'm planning to do Paris -> Porto with a audi etron 55

In France not a problem but Spain and Portugal is tricky like you said !

What chargecard and app do you have ?

P.S : sorry for my english


take a look at:

https://openchargemap.org/site and go to 'Brose' then choose Map. Here you will find chargers you won't find anywhere else!




Wish you a good trip!

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