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Add new charger type "HPC" or High Power Charger.

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Description:  Add new charger type "HPC" or High Power Charger in the "Fast Chargers" settings. These would be the same chargers that are currently visualised with the 3 bolt icon.

Use Case: When planning a route for an EV able to charge at higher rates than the typical <50 kW CCS (and Chademo) chargers can provide, it would be very helpful to be able to filter only chargers capable of delivering higher power (similar to Tesla Superchargers). These chargers can reduce charging times by 50 % and more.
This is becoming more and more useful now that there are other vehicles besides Tesla that can actually charge faster and charging providers like EA, Ionity, Fastnet etc. building a new level of HPC infrastructure.


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39 minutes ago, Rav said:

What would qualify as a HPC?

Are they identified as such in the public databases used for the imports?

This definition seems to exist already in ABRP, as these chargers are already displayed with the icon shown in the first post. Chargers with up to 50 kW are displayed with just one bolt, HPC with 3 bolts. I never have seen a charger with only 2 bolts, though one could use this icon to identify medium chargers in the range up to 100 kW.

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