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Dr DuMont

Realloy S L O W


've a couple of pretty zippy laptops, really fast fiber internet connection, yet it may take 5 minutes to an hour to get a route displayed, even something as simple as Austin to Dallas Texas.

I put in a start and and end, the red dor pulses away, yer no display. I usually just minimize the page and check later and it may be there. Also the map backgound tiles and and takes awhile to populate. 

The first time I use it, the route came up (Fremont CA - Dallas, TX) almost immediately.

I am using Winders 10, Firefox, 75Mb Internet

It is obvious there are tons of data to sift and organize, but it does seem to be kinda sluggish. Does anyone else see this?

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On 12/20/2019 at 1:13 AM, VJW said:

Messing around with spreadsheets to get a print isn’t “Works fine as is” really.  Print screen also isn’t a solution for a longer trip either. 

All I would like is a simple easy print function. 

Bad choice of words. I wouldn't want my statement to convince them not to have a built in print function. Your comment is spot on. I suggested  PrtScr, etc as a stopgap measure.

Now if Tesla were to build a printer into the console like in some airliners...

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