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Jason (ABRP)

Alpha Feedback - Tesla Model 3

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To verify and improve our models we need your feedback.  There's many ways we could use help if you actually own one:

  • Drive a plan and compare it to the actual battery used.
  • Drive a plan with the browser active, and update your actual battery percentage in the browser.
  • Contribute data via Tesla API.

The best way to improve the data is to provide data directly from the car.  For Teslas, we can get data via Tesla's unofficial API.  To contribute your data, you can simply log in with your Tesla account on ABRP:

  1. Settings ▶ More Settings ▶ My Tesla Login
  2. Enter your credentials or Token (We do not store your login credentials on our servers, so you may have to refresh this login in your browser periodically).
  3. Select "Share data with ABRP" (This allows us to gather live telemetry while you're driving with the website active in the browser)
  4. Select "24h Background Sharing" (This allows us to poll in the background while you're driving, if you don't want to have the browser up in your car)

Thanks for providing feedback!

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I'm not entirely sure if this information is of use to you, but I stumbled across a video of the supercharger recharge rate in a Model 3 with a fairly detailed graph.  I hope it can be put to good use!  



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We can actually get that data directly from the car if you log into your MyTesla account on the planner (Under Settings > More Settings > MyTesla Login), but that's exactly the kind of data we need to add new cars, if you come across one for an unreleased 3 or Y, or anything else send it our way too.  We really appreciate it!

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Posted (edited)

Would it be possible to ask route planner to charge my car on the return trip  and not on the outward trip. 

This would be useful because on the outward trip I am headed to a business appointment and would rather not stop so that I get to my appointment on time. On the way home my time is more flexible. I am already leaving fairly early in the morning and while it may not seem like much adding another 20 to 30 minutes is something I would rather avoid.

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Can you send me an example trip I can tinker with? PM me the link if it has any kind of personal addresses you'd rather not share.  There's a few tricks that might work, reducing your goal arrive charge (or charger arrive charge), setting a waypoint "Arrive at" percentage.  The main thing that the planner will try to do is avoid the low-charge ramp-up if possible:


So charging earlier will keep it in the maximum charge speed, thus reducing the overall time spend charging.

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This does not need to be private. 



London to Toronto without charging. 

Toronto to London with a charging stop as far into the trip as possible.

We want to get out of the rush hour traffic near North York(part of Toronto)

Also we only want to charge enough to get home (plus some margin?)




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Aha, I see what's happening here.  The planner is picking that charger since the others along your route only have one stall.  We recently added some "smarts" to the planner, since a charger with multiple stalls is less likely to have issues affecting all chargers.  In this case, you could very easily just pick a charger and "add as waypoint" to force the planner to use what it perceives as a non-ideal charger:


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Okay. Makes sense. 

Will I then have to keep marking chargers as do not use? I tried one or two and ended up going off route by quite a bit. 

If you change to Tesla similar behaviour. 

I know not easy and early in development stage. Just letting you know that if I have to keep track and figure out what is safe or not I might as well use the plug share app. 

The Tesla web planning tool had the charging take place on the way back. But different battery size I guess. I don’t remember if it has Model 3 base. 

This is an awesome effort!!! Please take my feedback as trying to help. 

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Of course! We appreciate all feedback, it only helps to improve the planner!

We'll continue to make improvements to charger selection, but until the chargers around you improve, I'm not sure you'll see much change in that route plan.  We'll always try to recommend the "ideal" route, or the fastest route we can find.  Most of the chargers between those waypoints are 40kW, where the charger in the city is 50kW.  The charger in the city has multiple stalls, which makes it a more reliable charger, and thus we prioritize it. 

If you want to override the planner's choice of charger, it's pretty easy (just manually select one as a waypoint), but the charger in the city is "the fastest" choice.

Now, what we may introduce in the future is alternate plan priorities:

  • Minimum leg length time (only stop to charge every X minutes)
  • Maximum charger stop time
  • Optimize for lowest cost

But all of these would require something of an overhaul to the back end planning, so probably not in the near future.

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Have you removed the link from the route planner to this stream?

Would you add information bubbles to each value entry. For example what is a goal charge versus charger arrival charge? Reference speed?

Wondering if setting the default values more conservative with respect to change for novice users would be a good idea? Experienced users will know how and when to change values. 

Also outside temperature is very important so maybe have as part of trip planning at the top? Easy to forget to set this or not even know. Maybe even auto populate option from weather source. A trip from London, Ontario to Florida goes from below freezing to 20 celcius or more. Long term having the planner account for the changes would be awesome. We have thousands who seasonally go to florida and back. 

The route table. Would it be more intuitive to have departure column before arrival?

I am attaching the same route planned by tesla versus route planner. Note that Tesla plays it safe and has a 10 minute change on the way back while route planner has no charges at all. This is what had me wondering about the various settings.






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